Aspiring Film Editor, Writer and Artist



I hope you've stumbled on this page because you're curious about my work and accomplishments!  No, this is not a site for Lubbock, Texas. Sorry guys.   

I graduated from Drake University in 2014 with a dual degrees in Electronic Media: Radio/TV Producing and Writing plus a minor in Graphic Design.

The most recent work in my field was for The Sportsman Channel in the Milwaukee area. I'm looking for new opportunities to become more involved in video editing and other journalistic work!

I currently work as a Content Specialist in Des Moines for DCi, an ARI Company, managing data for aftermarket car parts.  I love organizing information and sorting it into something that works on the web!

My passion is editing anything I can get my hands on but I have experience in many production areas as well.  My dream is to edit TV shows or a full length feature film one day.

Take a look at my work so far.

Thanks for dropping by!